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Our team delivers full-service wealth management, combining financial planning with investment services designed to meet our clients’ objectives. Regardless of your investment goals or interests, our financial experience and skills are used to structure a comprehensive approach to planning, strategizing and measuring results. Serving the Walnut Creek, CA area, we go beyond investing with our exceptional client services and implement many tactics to capitalize on your investment.

Strategic Investment Planning | Walnut Creek

When it comes to investment planning, we begin by determining a strategy to invest money and consider the investor’s profile. We then take into account a time frame; if you have a focus for a long-term, tax favorable capital appreciation or a short-term income focus. Our investment management plans also consider risk tolerance and the knowledge of the investor, as well as products that may be used, such as Exchange-Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Individual Securities or other, in addition to Options.
Often, there’s a misconception that Option Trading is “risky.” While some trades can be, Option Trading may actually lower risk on a portfolio. We’ll advise how you can leverage your assets in hopes of making above average returns on investment. Some of our Option Strategies can include income-oriented options such as Covered Calls and Put Selling, while we also use multiple leg strategies such as Collars, Spreads, Strangles, and Iron Condors.
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