How We're Different

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At Granite Bay Wealth Management we work hard to make complex financial scenarios understandable. We believe that the greater understanding the client has of what we are doing, the better the partnership will be over their life. Wealth management goes beyond investing. It requires a deep understanding of our client’s lives, concerns and dreams.We collaborate with our clients to come up with solutions that not only meet their needs but that they understand and are comfortable with.


Our Services

We are a comprehensive wealth management firm that goes beyond investments. We are a resource to our clients in all areas of their financial life. Over two decades in the business we have developed a vast array of connections with trusted professionals and industry experts. If we can’t help with an issue, we can connect you with the professional who can.

As a fiduciary we are ethically bound to act in our client’s best interest. Our investment management plans are objective, unbiased and focused on the unique needs of our clients.

We collaborate with you to understand your personal and financial goals as we create a thorough and informed financial strategy that changes to fit the goals in your life. Learn more about the high standard of loyalty, honesty and trust we hold ourselves to as a fiduciary.

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