Planning and Saving For Retirement

With recent technology and medical advances, the life expectancy for people across the world has increased, which means planning and saving for retirement is more important than ever.
Along with life expectancy, the cost of healthcare is on the rise and it can be difficult for any older adult who may need extra care in the future to know how much to set aside. Your retirement plan deserves thought and care, and our team will help you select your retirement age and future spending so you can be financially independent and live comfortably.  

Transitioning to Retirement

At Granite Bay Wealth Management, we utilize the Monte Carlo Simulation, a practice to understand the impact of risk and uncertainty in financial forecasting, to test how realistic a retirement age and spending is for you.
Transitioning to retirement can be an overwhelming decision.  People work hard to accumulate their wealth and often have not taken the time to understand where their income will come from after retirement.  We help our clients manage spending and improve investment income to help them lessen financial concerns during their golden years. 
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